Draft Australian Skills Classification occupation profiles

Our next update to the Australian Skills Classification, due mid-year, will include a range of both new and revised occupation profiles. For the first time, Jobs and Skills Australia (JSA) is inviting feedback on the draft profiles from interested stakeholders, ahead of their publication. 

At present, the Australian Skills Classification provides the skills profiles for over 1,100 occupations, along with information on similarities between occupations and also skills transferability.  

The occupation profiles group skills into three categories: 

  • Specialist tasks - the day-to-day tasks typically performed within an occupation.
  • Core competencies - ten core skills required by every job. The Classification uses a 10-point scale to describe the complexity of each core competency for each occupation. 
  • Technology tools - the software or hardware commonly used within an occupation. 

The skills featured in the profiles have been identified using Australian data sources, including job advertisements, education and training guides, regulations and other Australian skills and occupation frameworks. 

A methodology paper for the ASC will be published on the Jobs and Skills Australia website soon. In the meantime, if you have any questions about how these profiles have been developed, please contact us at skillsclassification@jobsandskills.gov.au

Review the draft profiles

3625 - Arboriculture Workers

3625 - Arboriculture Workers.xlsx108769


3931 - Canvas and Leather Goods Makers

3931 - Canvas and Leather Goods Makers.xlsx111062


2331 - Chemical and Materials Engineers

2331 - Chemical and Materials Engineers.xlsx109142


4211 - Child Carers

4211 - Child Carers.xlsx109714


2521 - Chiropractors and Osteopaths

2521 - Chiropractors and Osteopaths.xlsx109021


2631 - Computer Network Professionals

2631 - Computer Network Professionals.xlsx113916


2523 - Dental Practitioners

2523 - Dental Practitioners.xlsx109696


3331 - Glaziers

3331 - Glaziers.xlsx105665


2611 - ICT Business and Systems Analysts

2611 - ICT Business and Systems Analysts.xlsx112274


1351 - ICT Managers

1351 - ICT Managers.xlsx108842


6212 - ICT Sales Assistant

6212 - ICT Sales Assistant.xlsx105814


2252 - ICT Sales Professionals

2252 - ICT Sales Professionals.xlsx110460


3131 - ICT Support Technicians

3131 - ICT Support Technicians.xlsx112896


5321 - Keyboard Operators

5321 - Keyboard Operators.xlsx108957


1334 - Manufacturers

1334 - Manufacturers.xlsx106689


8391 - Metal Engineering Process Workers

8391 - Metal Engineering Process Workers.xlsx105719


2336 - Mining Engineers

2336 - Mining Engineers.xlsx109430


2514 - Optometrists and Orthoptists

2514 - Optometrists and Orthoptists.xlsx108633


7119 - Other Machine Operators.xlsx

7119 - Other Machine Operators.xlsx109783


1335 - Production Managers

1335 - Production Managers.xlsx109770


2533 - Specialist Physicians

2533 - Specialist Physicians.xlsx131309


Making a submission

To make a submission, download the spreadsheet for the relevant occupation and add your feedback to the spreadsheet as indicated.  

Email the updated spreadsheet to SkillsClassification@jobsandskills.gov.au by 20:00 AEDT Wednesday 1 March 2023. 

Next steps

Based on the feedback received, the draft profiles will be reviewed and updated prior to publication mid-year. 

Jobs and Skills Australia will regularly release occupation profiles in draft form for stakeholder feedback prior to publication. 

To join our mailing list or provide feedback about how we can improve existing occupation profiles, please write to SkillsClassification@jobsandskills.gov.au