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    The Internet Vacancy Index (IVI) is a monthly count of online job advertisements compiled by Jobs and Skills Australia. Data are available by occupational groups, skill level groups, state or territory and by regional areas.

    Key points

    In seasonally adjusted terms, job advertisements decreased by 2.0% (or 5,200 job advertisements) in January 2024 to stand at 254,500. Despite this, vacancy numbers remain at record levels, with around two-thirds more advertisements in the labour market presently then compared with the monthly average for 2019.

    The monthly Vacancy Report includes spotlights on key facets of the Australian labour market. These bring together the wider breadth of data produced by Jobs and Skills Australia and our external stakeholders to provide an overarching summary of a particular labour market segment.

    This month’s report is The Hard Sell: Why Demand For Motor Vehicle and Vehicle Parts Salespersons Isn’t Creating More Jobs.

    Headline and detailed results for occupations, skill level groups and regions are also available in the Vacancy Report.

    Job Advertisements and Unemployment Rate – January 2006 to January 2024


    Vacancy Report - January 2024 - Jobs and Skills Australia.pdf

    Vacancy Report - January 2024 - Jobs and Skills Australia.pdf410892


    Year in review 2023.pdf

    Year in review 2023.pdf287360


    Health Professionals and Education Professionals

    Health Professionals and Education Professionals.pdf589686


    Recruitment activity trends in capital cities and regional Australia

    Recruitment activity trends in capital cities and regional Australia.pdf646329


    Demand trends for Bricklayers and Stonemasons

    Demand trends for Bricklayers and Stonemasons.pdf1022891


    The Umpire Strikes Back - Demand for Sports Coaches, Instructors and Officials is booming



    Too much off the top online job advertisements for hairdressers are declining



    Labour demand for Entry-level occupations in the COVID-19 recovery period

    Labour demand for Entry-level occupations in the COVID-19 recovery period.pdf915706


    Recent changes in demand for Retail Managers



    Internet Vacancies, ANZSCO2 Occupations, States and Territories - January 2024



    Internet Vacancies, ANZSCO2 Occupations, IVI Regions - January 2024



    Internet Vacancies, ANZSCO Skill Level, States and Territories - January 2024



    Internet Vacancies, ANZSCO4 Occupations, States and Territories - January 2024



    Future release dates

    The Vacancy Report is published on the third Wednesday of the month.

    For data covering Release date
    February 2024 20 March 2024
    March 2024 17 April 2024


    The Internet Vacancy Index is an ongoing project that seeks to continuously improve the accounting of job vacancies listed online, understanding of businesses’ use of online tools for advertising vacancies and users’ needs and interests regarding our data and reports. To facilitate ongoing improvement, feedback and enquiries are welcome1.


    Jobs and Skills Australia publishes seasonally adjusted IVI data to better show monthly fluctuations in job advertisements, which can be affected by seasonal factors and economic shocks such as the COVID-19 pandemic. There is some volatility in the IVI series month-on-month, particularly for results post-COVID-19, and as such results should be interpreted carefully.


    Jobs and Skills Australia thanks Seek, CareerOne and Workforce Australia for their ongoing contribution to the IVI.

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