Celebrating National Careers Week 2024 with Jobs and Skills Australia

This National Careers Week, the future is bright for people looking to enhance or start their careers all around Australia; with Jobs and Skills Australia playing an important role in providing resources and strategic insights that are crucial for navigating today’s dynamic jobs market.  

Throughout the week, we highlighted several key JSA initiatives and how they can help you explore the many career opportunities for now and in the future. Our data on job vacancies and skills shortages help identify which careers are most in demand. These tools have shed light on critical occupational shortages and the underlying factors contributing to these gaps. And if you want to know more, the Jobs and Skills Atlas allows you to search through key indicators of the labour market, exploring occupations, industries, and skills at regional, state, and national levels.  

We also know that continued skills development and training is critical to a successful career. Tertiary education uplifts employment rates across all areas and provides meaningful employment and other opportunities.  

A special focus for us this year has been on strengthening sectors like the Early Childhood Education and Care and those industries involved in the Food Supply Chain. With various stakeholders contributing to these major upcoming reports, we are steps closer to enhancing the attractiveness of careers in early childhood education and to supporting the development of a sustainable and resilient food supply chain workforce. Additionally, we’ve continued our focus on exploring clean energy critical occupations, highlighting the growing importance of these jobs to a clean energy economy.  

We will continue to seek input on various sectors in upcoming capacity studies. Your participation and insights are invaluable to us as we consider the impact and opportunities for a current and future workforce in Australia. 

As National Careers Week concludes, remember that exploring career possibilities is a continuous journey. The tools and resources provided by Jobs and Skills Australia are designed to guide you along the way, and help you realise your full career potential. We will continue to explore more as we work to enhance Australia’s workforce readiness and contribute to a thriving national economy.