Inviting your views on the food supply chain

Australia has a world class food supply chain. We produce a wide variety of high-quality foods and export them around the world. The industries, activities and jobs that make up this supply chain are highly diverse and distributed right across the country. 

Our Food Supply Chain Capacity Study is inviting stakeholder feedback until 10am (AEST) on Thursday 16 May 2024. Through this study we aim to support a workforce that can sustain regional Australia, strengthen the economy, maintain food security and overcome challenges.  

While there are many activities vital to the food supply chain, the primary purpose of this study is to explore the production, manufacturing and distribution of food. This targeted approach ensures the study has a strong focus on the workforce needs of regional Australia and can develop detailed recommendations for these sectors. 

This consultation provides an opportunity for stakeholders, interested parties, and the broader community to share their diverse views and insights on the challenges and opportunities that sit across food production, manufacturing and distribution sector.  

The discussion paper facilitates this process by providing brief overviews and discussion questions on a range of topics that the study will cover, helping to shape stakeholders’ submissions. Through this paper we are seeking input on:  

  • a shared vision for the food supply chain workforce – what does success look like? 
  • a way forward on workforce data and information – how do we measure what matters? 
  • the labour market dynamics of the food supply chain – what are the issues and how should they be addressed?  

Recognising the critical importance of biosecurity at all stages of the supply chain, we also welcome input specifically relating to this topic in the ‘biosecurity skills and workers’ section.