Online job ads stable in March 2023

This story was first published on Wednesday 26 April 2023.

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Jobs and Skills Australia’s March Internet Vacancy Index (IVI) shows that, in seasonally adjusted terms, online job advertisements increased marginally at the national level (up 0.1% or 230 job advertisements) over the month to 282,100. Recruitment activity over the year to March 2023 was down 0.7% (or 2,000 job advertisements).

Job advertisements increased across two skill level groups. Skill Level 1 (commensurate with Bachelor degree or higher) occupations increased by 1.6% (or 1,700 job advertisements) and Skill Level 3 (commensurate with Certificate IV or III) occupations increased by 0.8% (or 320 job advertisements) over the month. Recruitment activity for Skill Level 5 (commensurate with Certificate I or secondary education) occupations decreased by 2.5% (or 820 job ads) over the month. Over the year to March 2023, job advertisements increased by 6.6% for Skill Level 1 occupations, but declined by 16.4% for Skill Level 5 occupations.

Recruitment activity increased across three major occupational groups in March 2023. The largest growth was observed for Professionals (up 1.8% or 1,400 job advertisements) and Managers (up 1.0% or 310 job advertisements).

Job advertisements increased in 24 of the 48 detailed occupational groups during the month.

Health Diagnostic and Therapy Professionals recorded the largest increase (up 580 job ads or 6.8%), followed by Automotive and Engineering Trades Workers (up 540 job ads or 4.6%).

Food Trades Workers recorded the largest decrease in March 2023 (down 580 job ads or 8.4%), followed by Hospitality Workers (down 540 job ads or 5.1%).


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