Online job ads increase in January 2023

This story was first published on Friday 10 February 2023.

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The January 2023 Preliminary Vacancy Report shows that in seasonally adjusted terms, online job advertisements increased by 2.0% (or 5,400 job advertisements) in the month to stand at 278,700.

Recruitment activity increased across 7 of the states and territories. The strongest growth was recorded in Tasmania (up by 9.1% or 320 job advertisements), followed by South Australia (up by 6.7% or 960 job advertisements), Queensland (up by 3.9% or 2,300 job advertisements) and New South Wales (up by 2.8% or 2,400 job advertisements).

Marginal increases in recruitment activity were recorded in the other states and territories except Victoria where a small decrease was recorded (down by 0.6% or 450 job advertisements).

Job advertisements over the last twelve months have increased by 4.5% (or 12,000 job advertisements), with all states and territories except Victoria recording an increase. The strongest growth over the year was recorded in Tasmania (up by 20.6% or 660 job advertisements) and South Australia (up by 14.6% or 2,000 job advertisements).

The detailed release of the Internet Vacancy Index (IVI), including occupational, regional and skill level data, will be available on Wednesday 22 February 2023.


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