Australian Jobs 2023 now available

Australian Jobs 2023 provides an easy-to-read overview of trends in the Australian labour market.

This new report, produced on an annual basis, is a great resource for school leavers and job seekers to navigate the labour market, as well as those supporting them, such as career advisors and employment service providers.

It’s also useful for those who may be considering future training, and anyone who is interested in labour market issues.

The report highlights that Australian jobs continue to become more highly skilled and around 9 out of 10 jobs require a post school qualification. While university qualifications continue to be highly relevant, the Australian labour market is diverse and employment in occupations with a vocational education and training pathway has surged over the past five years. This includes roles such as Aged and Disabled Carers, Electricians, Plumbers and Carpenters.

Jobs and Skills Australia has provided significant analysis to deliver a single source of information on industries, occupations, and local labour markets. It also provides guidance about the skills employers are looking for, educational pathways and strategies to find a job.

Australian Jobs 2023 has been published by the National Careers Institute. Visit the Your Career website to explore the report in full.





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