Labour Market Update

This story was first published on Tuesday 28 February 2023.

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The Labour Market Updates are quarterly reports that provide information about issues affecting Australia’s current and emerging labour market.

This update brings together a range of Jobs and Skills Australia, and Australian Bureau of Statistics data sources to analyse the state of the Australian labour market in the December quarter of 2022. This update highlights:

  • the recent overall strength of the Australian labour market
  • variations in outcomes across industries, occupations and skill levels – including strong recent employment outcomes for occupations where VET qualifications are the primary pathway
  • a slight easing in recruitment difficulty and an increase in the likelihood of employers filing an advertised role
  • improved recent results across a number of indicators of wages growth
  • updated analysis of the top 20 occupations in demand (both nationally and for each state and territory)
  • preliminary analysis of the underlying drivers of skills shortage for the top 20 occupations in demand.


Labour Market Update - Feb 2023
Labour Market Update - Feb 2023