REOS spotlight: What industries are hiring jobless applicants?

Using data from Jobs and Skills Australia’s Recruitment Experiences and Outlook Survey, this month’s spotlight looks at the industries more likely to hire jobless applicants and the types of jobs they were hired for.

“Jobless” applicants include people who had spent any length of time without a job, people returning to the labour market after a break from looking for work and new entrants into the workforce.

Employers were most likely to hire jobless applicants in labouring occupations, such as Food Preparation Assistants, Cleaners and Laundry Workers and Factory Process Workers, but also in hospitality jobs and sales assistant roles.

Casual jobs, part-time positions, those in outer regional and remote areas, as well as in larger businesses also tend to offer more opportunities for those trying to get a foothold into the workforce.

In contrast, employers in the Professional, Scientific and Technical Services, and Wholesale Trade industries tended to only hire applicants who already had a job.

To find out more, read the full spotlight article.

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