Recruitment and employer outlooks for staffing fell in line with easing labour market conditions in April

The Recruitment Experiences and Outlook Survey (REOS) Recruitment Insights Report for April found that recruitment eased, and fewer employers were expecting to increase staffing numbers in the next 3 months. 

The recruitment rate decreased by 1 percentage point to 48% of employers in April 2024. This is 11 percentage points lower than the record highs of 59% in mid-2022. The proportion of employers expecting to increase their staffing numbers also eased by 2 percentage points to 20% over the month.

The decreases were driven by Rest of State areas (which generally cover regional Australia), where recruitment activity eased by 6 percentage points to 47% and employers expecting to increase staff also dropped to 15%.

More employers had difficulty recruiting in April than they did in March, a 3 percentage point increase to 53% of recruiting employers. Despite this increase, the long-term movement of the recruitment difficulty rate has been easing since mid-2022. This month’s figure is 9 percentage points lower than it was in April last year and is 22 percentage points below the peak of 75% recorded in July 2022.