Online job advertisements decrease in October 2023

Latest data from Jobs and Skills Australia’s October Internet Vacancy Index (IVI) show underlying labour market conditions weakening with online job advertisements decreasing nationally and across most regions. That said, the number of internet vacancies remains at relatively high levels historically.

In seasonally adjusted terms, online job advertisements at the national level decreased in October 2023 (down 3.8% or 10,400 job advertisements) to 261,200. By contrast, vacancy numbers were up in three jurisdictions – Northern Territory, Western Australia and South Australia.

Over the month to October 2023, decreases in vacancies for all Major Occupation and Skill Level groups were recorded. Internet advertisements in regional Australia decreased over the year (down 1.8%) but in capital cities, vacancies decreased by 10.1%.

Monthly spotlight - Too much off the top? Online jobs advertisements for hairdressers are declining

While hairdressing job ads rocketed immediately post COVID-19, online job advertisements for Hairdressers have been declining steadily over the past decade. Nevertheless, skill shortage research finds employers struggle to find suitable candidates for available work. This article explores recent trends in the recruitment market for Hairdressers, including what employers are telling us, and apprenticeship commencements and completions data.

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