Online job ads increase in October 2022

This story was first published on Wednesday 23 November 2022.

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Jobs and Skills Australia’s October Internet Vacancy Index (IVI) shows online job advertisements have increased nationally by 0.5% (or 1,400 job advertisements) to 285,700 last month. However, there has been strong growth in the last twelve months with job advertisements increasing by 11.7% (or 30,000 job advertisements).

An increase in job advertisements occurred across two of the five Skill Level groups, with Skill Level 1 occupations (commensurate with Bachelor degree or higher) recording a strong increase of 5.5% (or 5,300 job ads). Declines were observed in:


  • Skill Level 5 occupations (commensurate with Certificate I or secondary education); down by 3.7% (or 1,400 job advertisements)
  • Skill Level 3 occupations (commensurate with Certificate IV or III* (Skilled VET)); down by 2.4% (or 990 job advertisements); and
  • Skill Level 4 occupations (commensurate with Certificate II or III); down by 1.8% (or 1,400 job advertisements).

Job advertisements increased in 29 of the 48 detailed occupational groups during October 2022. Medical Practitioners and Nurses recording the strongest growth (up by 990 job advertisements or 8.0%).

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