Monthly Labour Market Dashboards

Monthly Labour Market Dashboard

The monthly labour market dashboards combine a range of data sources from Jobs and Skills Australia, Department of Social Services (DSS) and Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) for the 51 Employment Regions. National, state and territory dashboards are also provided.

Dashboards include information on:

  • key labour market indicators
  • 5-year employment time series
  • 5-year unemployment rate (%) time series
  • largest employing industries in a region
  • Department of Social Services job seeker income support payments
  • Local Government Area unemployment rates
  • number of internet job advertisements
  • occupations in demand in a region.


Comparison indicators have shifted to an annual change benchmark for all elements of the labour market dashboards. As such, all indicators in the dashboard (from the March 2023 release onwards) will now use annual estimates (change over the year), as opposed to pre-COVID-19 estimates (Feb/Mar-2020), as a benchmark for comparison to assess how indicators have changed over time. This change reflects the lessening impacts of COVID-19 on the labour market over the past year.

Labour Force estimates have been rebenchmarked to the 2021 Census-based ERP (estimated resident population), resulting in revisions to Labour Force estimates from July 2016 onwards. For many regions, the impact of the re-benchmarking is minor. For some regions, particularly in inner Sydney and Melbourne, the revisions to estimates are more significant. Users are encouraged to focus on the trends or directions in the data as these are largely unaffected by the re-benchmarking process.

Dashboards incorporate data from a range of sources:


Latest release date: March 2023

Next release date: April 2023


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About the data

Documents explain data sources used and advice on how to interpret the data.

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Data sources used
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Data sources and quality.pdf
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Quick reference guide
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