Towards a national jobs and skills roadmap

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    A roadmap would create an indicative strategic plan for the national skills system and chart major steps or milestones along the way. A roadmap for the national skills system is anticipated to include the 4 elements outlined in Figure 3.

    Figure 3: National jobs and skills roadmap elements

    JSA world class road map

    Source: Jobs and Skills Australia

    Pressures and drivers

    The first step in the development of a national jobs and skills roadmap is to identify the key pressures and drivers that need to be attended to, to enhance the ability of the skills system to meet the nation’s skills needs. This is a key focus of this 2023 Jobs and Skills Report and will be further developed and refined over the next year in partnership with the Jobs and Skills Councils and the states and territories, in consultation with business, unions and education and training providers, and with relevant Australian Government agencies.


    The next step in the development of a roadmap, is to undertake reform of the national skills system where it is deemed to be inadequate or in need of significant improvement. A range of reforms have been under active consideration and development this year, to the tertiary system encompassing the VET and higher education sectors, and to the migration system – which has been outlined in the previous section. These reform agendas will be further shaped and refined in the months ahead and move to their respective implementation stages.


    The third step in the national jobs and skills roadmap is policy implementation, progressively incorporating a range of reforms over time. Over the next year we can expect the progressive introduction of a range of new initiatives, reforms and ways of working to the VET sector, higher education, and the migration system.

    Monitoring and feedback

    The last step in the roadmap is monitoring policy implementation and assessing its success against its objectives. This will then provide feedback to the system to act on and into the policy development process to support its refinement and further policy reform.

    Jobs and Skills Australia is uniquely placed to provide insights and analysis in relation to VET, higher education and the migration system, with the added advantage it can monitor the coherence and complementarity of the component parts across the national skills system. Partnership with Jobs and Skills Councils and the states and territories will be a key success factor in this process.