Skills Shortage Drivers added to the Skills Priority List

The Skills Priority List (SPL) provides a detailed view of occupations that are likely in shortage and the future demand for occupations in Australia.

The SPL is always undergoing updates and improvements so we can assist you with the information you need.

This month we’ve released the Skill Shortage Drivers (SSD). The SSD is preliminary work that is designed to help you identify the potential causes or ‘drivers’ of occupations that are rated as ‘in shortage’ in the SPL.

The SSD classifies skills shortages into four main drivers based on the likeliest cause of shortage, noting that other drivers may also play a smaller role. The four categories are:

  • Long Training Gap 
  • Short Training Gap
  • Suitability Gap
  • Retention Gap.

Visit the Skills Shortage Analysis page to read about the drivers’ definitions.

Understanding the potential reasons that may cause skill shortages is critical for developing targeted policies and strategies to address the issue of shortages. Classifying the shortages can assist employers, industry bodies and training providers to identify opportunities and tailor pathways to employment.

While the official SPL shortage ratings are at the Occupation level (6 digit ANZSCO), you can now also explore the SPL at the Unit Group level (4 digit ANZSCO) (for 2023 data only). The SSD data can only be viewed in the Unit Group (4 digit ANZSCO) tab.

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