Comments sought: draft Terms of Reference Clean Energy Capacity Study

This story was first published on Thursday 22 December 2022.

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Jobs and Skills Australia (JSA) is conducting a Clean Energy Capacity Study to examine the workforce that Australia needs to transition to a clean energy economy. Draft Terms of Reference (ToR) for the study have been developed and JSA is inviting stakeholder feedback on these between now and 20:00 AEDT Monday 16 January 2023.

The capacity study will provide critical evidence and insights to support the workforce planning and policy development needed to build a strong and vibrant clean energy sector and contribute to the Australian Government’s Powering Australia Plan.

The capacity study will also build on existing research to deepen understanding of the clean energy sector, the skills of existing workforces, levels of skills transferability across industries and jobs, as well as forecasts of future supply and demand for clean energy-related roles. JSA will provide its final report to the Australian Government in mid-2023.

More information, including on how to make a submission can be found on the JSA consultation page.

Feedback on the ToR will be considered prior to them being finalised by the Australian Government. The final ToR will also be published on the JSA website.

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