International Students Pathways and Outcomes Study

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    As outlined in the 2023-24 work plan, Jobs and Skills Australia is conducting a cohort study on workforce engagement and outcomes for international students. By using focussed analysis, this study will provide insights into how the education, migration, and employment systems can best work together to enhance the contribution made by international students to Australia’s skilled workforce.

    The objectives of the International Students Pathways and Outcomes Study are to ensure Australia can support international students and graduates to realise their potential across education and training pathways into participation in the labour market.

    The study will establish the evidence base needed to understand employment and labour market outcomes for international students. Additionally, it will provide insights to inform ongoing policy considerations of the intersection between international education, employment, and skills need. This significant research will help shape policy considerations across education, migration, and employment.

    This work will complement other studies currently underway in this field.

    Next steps

    Targeted stakeholder engagement on this study will commence soon. If you wish to find out more, please contact the team on

    A report will be delivered to government in mid-2024 and published thereafter.