Jobs and Skills Australia conducts the Recruitment Experiences and Outlook Survey (REOS) to monitor recruitment activity and conditions across Australia. The REOS surveys employers across Australia and up to 14,000 businesses respond to the survey throughout the year.

The survey collects information on employer recruitment activity, recruitment difficulty and staffing outlook – all important indicators to help policy makers and analysts monitor and understand current and emerging labour market conditions. Data are released as close to collection as possible and provides an almost real-time view of recruitment activity across Australia.

The REOS questionnaire continually evolves to stay current with changes in the Australian labour market that directly impact on businesses and their recruitment. For more information on the survey methodology, key concepts used in the survey and to view the questionnaire please read more in our Methodology paper:

REOS - concepts methods and questionnaire



Contact Details

For information on the REOS survey or the Recruitment Insights Reports email or telephone 1800 059 439 (REOS survey enquiries only).