National Skills Taxonomy Discussion Paper

JSA has begun work on an enhanced replacement of the Australian Skills Classification – the National Skills Taxonomy (NST).

By developing a common skills taxonomy, we can create a cohesive approach to workforce development that enhances occupational mobility and aligns workforce capabilities with industry needs.

Individuals, businesses, and communities thrive when they collectively have the skills to productively participate in education, employment and the economy. This includes the right skills to support individuals to engage in safe, secure, fairly paid work, and to update and refresh their skills to support transition between jobs and industries over their career.

To inform the design and development of a NST, JSA is consulting with a wide range of stakeholders to better understand the role the taxonomy can play, how future users might interact with it, the design and features required to deliver on stakeholder ambitions and considerations for ongoing governance and maintenance.

The National Skills Taxonomy Discussion Paper is now open for consultation.

We invite you to share your insights and perspectives on the opportunities and challenges that a national skills taxonomy may present. Specifically, we are interested in your views on:

  • the benefits and limitations of existing skills taxonomies
  • how an NST could help across education, training or the labour market
  • the principles and key features you want in an NST
  • what data should inform an NST and how it should be maintained.

We are also scheduling a series of in-person and virtual workshops with stakeholders from across VET, higher education, industry and unions and the communities’ sector. These workshops will explore the range of views on the development of a National Skills Taxonomy from across these stakeholder groups. 

Virtual sessions (AEST):

  • Tuesday 9 July 10am-1pm (FULL)
  • Monday 22 July 2-5pm
  • Tuesday 23 July 10am -1pm (FULL)

In person sessions (local time):

  • Brisbane: Tuesday 16 July 2pm-5pm
  • Perth: Wednesday 17 July 2pm-5pm
  • Melbourne: Thursday 18 July 9am-12pm
  • Sydney: Thursday 25 July 9am-12pm.

If you are interested in attending a workshop, please register below.

The NST will offer a common language and understanding of skills, connect the education, skills, and employment sectors and create a truly integrated domestic skills system that supports better outcomes for Australians.

Making a submission

You can provide your feedback by: 

  1. completing the survey 
  2. uploading your response or
  3. attending a workshop hosted by Nous group.

Submissions close Friday 9 August 2024 at 5pm (AEST)

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Discussion Paper

National Skills Taxonomy Discussion Paper



National Skills Taxonomy Discussion Paper