Consultative Forum

Jobs and Skills Australia (JSA) will take a partnership approach to ensure that its advice matches and responds to the evolving demands of the economy, Australia’s workforce and learners, and supports the delivery of the skilled workers Australia needs.

The Jobs and Skills Australia Consultative Forum has been established by the Hon Brendan O’Connor MP, Minister for Skills and Training, to support Jobs and Skills Australia with advice from tripartite partners on key matters relating to Jobs and Skills Australia’s interim operations. The forum will provide strategic advice to the Acting Commissioner on the annual workplan, mechanisms for meaningful stakeholder engagement, and Jobs and Skills Australia’s early workforce capacity studies, cohort analyses or detail regional assessments.

The Consultative Forum Convenor may seek discussions with the Minister for Skills and Training to seek clarification on Government direction and priorities. The Convenor will consult Forum members and Jobs and Skills Australia Acting Commissioner on meeting agendas and inform the Minister on key issues arising at meetings.

The Forum will assist to lay the foundations for Jobs and Skills Australia's longer-term ways of working.


The Forum represents union, industry and government and members are:

  • John Azarias (independent convenor of the Consultative Forum)
  • Kareena Arthy small state and territory representative, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate, ACT (shared with NT)
  • Annie Butler, Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation
  • Andrew Dettmer, Australian Manufacturing Workers Union
  • Mary Faraone, TAFE Directors Australia
  • Correna Haythorpe, Australian Education Union
  • Lill Healy, large state and territory representative, Department of Jobs, Skills Industry and Regions Victoria
  • Natalie Heazlewood, Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Catriona Jackson, Universities Australia
  • Megan Lilly, Australian Industry Group
  • Liam O’Brien, Australian Council of Trade Unions
  • Dominic Schipano, Council of Small Business Organisations Australia
  • Bran Black, Business Council of Australia
  • Catherine White, small state and territory representative, Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade, NT (shared with ACT)
  • Troy Williams, Independent Tertiary Education Council of Australia
  • Danielle Wood, Grattan Institute.

The Australian Government will participate as an observer/policy advisor.