Skills Priority List

The Skills Priority List (SPL) provides a current assessment of the Australian labour market, including a detailed view of occupations in shortage and the anticipated future demand for occupations.

View the SPL data in either the 4 digit ANZSCO level (Unit Group) (for 2023 data only) or the 6 digit ANZSCO level (Occupations).

Explore at the Unit Group level to discover ‘Skill Shortage Drivers’ (SSD). SSDs are used to identify the potential causes or ‘drivers’ of occupations rated in shortage.

For more information on the SPL, including on SSDs and FAQs, visit Skills Shortage Analysis


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S Shortage
R Regional Shortage
NS No Shortage

Future demand

Above economy-wide average
At economy-wide average
Below economy-wide average

ANZSCO version 2022

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